Our team is now in its seventh year. We have had thirty-seven students graduate from our team. Thirty-four of these students have gone on to a college or university. Some of our students attend community colleges, in Michigan, such as Kalamazoo Valley Community College Others have gone on to prestigious four-year colleges directly such as The University of Michigan and Kalamazoo College. Others are attending universities across the country from West Virginia University in the east to the University of Utah in the west. We have a total of 4 students doing the 5th Year Program through Gull Lake High School.

Many of our students have gone on to pursue greater STEAM-related fields, two of our students have gone into a science field, and sixteen of our students have gone into an engineering field. Five of our students have gone into a technology field, three of our students have gone into an art field, and two of our students have gone into a mathematical field of study. Also, one of our students was given a repeating internship with Parker Hannifin a global technology firm with a strong presence in our community. Last year, we had a foreign exchange student, who before joining us, had no idea what her plans were after school. She is currently looking into a career in aerospace technology or electrical engineering after high school graduation back in Germany. Now looking back to our first year as a robotics team, one of our founding alumni has gone into the navy to be an electronics technician.

It is apparent that one outcome of having our students participate in the robotics program is that they continue into these STEAM fields. From the experience and knowledge gained from participating on our team, students gain experience with volunteering, public speaking, safety aspects, solving problems, and working together as a team to build a functioning robot and impact our community.